The Vivo Difference

Live and Interactive Classes

Vivo's certified trainers teach live over Zoom™ to small group classes (8 person max) ensuring individualized attention

Backed by Science

Vivo is scientifically designed to improve strength, balance, and cognition for older adults of any fitness level

Meet You At Your Level

Whether you're very active or recovering from an injury, Vivo is tailored toward your specific fitness level and goals

Track Your Progress

Vivo tracks your results and provides one-on-one feedback on your goal achievements and overall progress

Get Motivated AND Get Results

We’ve taken the small group personal training concept and moved it online. Get fit with live-only classes and expert trainers interacting directly with you. With a program built on the science of muscle strength – the best way to rapidly improve balance, mobility, agility, endurance and energy.
Escape the one-size-fits-all gym, pre-recorded generic videos and do-it-yourself fitness packages. Embrace your next chapters in life with Team Vivo!
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Proven Results

In just two months, Vivo members experience...

Find out why 98% of Vivo members renew each month!

Upper Body Strength
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Lower Body Strength
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What Our Members Say

"I used to get up 2 to 3 times a night. Now I sleep through the night! If I had to go to a gym to do an exercise program, I wouldn’t do it."

“I am stronger in every way. It has improved my quality of life. I love the accountability.”

Stay Informed.

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