A Revolutionary Fitness Program

designed for older adults


VIVO is the premier small-group strength training fitness program designed specifically for adults 55 and older. Our focus is on building strength while integrating stretching, balance and resistance exercises in a safe, engaging way. Here’s the best part — it’s virtual. Do it all from home on your laptop or mobile device with a live certified trainer.



We know staying fit is challenging enough these past few months. Fortunately, social distancing doesn’t mean no socializing. With Vivo, you can enjoy exercise with loved ones and create your very own team, or you can join a team and become part of a new community. Stay engaged with your team throughout your whole journey.

That’s Team Vivo!


No matter what your age, it’s never too late to start preserving your quality of life and gaining the freedom to enjoy the things you choose. Build your Strength. Build your Community. Build your Life. With Vivo.

Did You Know?

As we age, our bodies naturally lose muscle mass which can lead to a lack of independence and a reduced quality of life. But there is something you can do about it!

The Key is Strength Training

Consistently participating in a strength training program is scientifically proven to reverse age-related muscle loss and restore strength and functional abilities.

Strength training is the #1 factor in maintaining a high quality of life and independence as you age

Benefits of vivo

Fewer Falls


Falls are one of the most common injuries for older adults. Vivo’s program targeting balance and strength can help reduce these unwanted ER visits.

Stay Independent


Keep your independence longer as you reduce or eliminate the need for walkers and wheelchairs.

Better Health


Strength training helps maintain bone density,control blood sugar, improves cholesterol, reduces muscle loss, and relieves or lessens arthritis pain

Recover Faster


If you do have a procedure, the training program can help reduce recovery time and get you back out into your normal life.

Improved Cognition


Not only does strength training help your body, incorporating dual tasking in the workout helps improve cognitive function and reduces stress.

Designed For Everyone

Even if you have never done strength training before, you can do the Vivo program. Led by certified instructors, the program meets you at your level.

Think You Can't Do This? Think Again.

We meet you at YOUR level.

We know there are a lot of reasons that give us pause when considering doing any exercise program. And it’s easy to convince yourself that you can’t do this.

Maybe you’re worried that you’re in too bad of shape to do strength training, or you’ll get hurt, or you don’t want to get “bulky”, or you’ve got an existing condition like osteoporosis or arthritis.

We will meet you at YOUR level.  Vivo is adaptable for everyone.

We know how to challenge the body to get results while doing it in a safe, engaging way.  Whether you are looking to be able to lift things off a shelf, ride a bike, get out of a chair, paddle a kayak, pick up a grandchild, or hit a hell of a golf drive.

Vivo is for living your life.


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