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Functional Fitness. What is it?

In your Vivo classes, you will often hear the term Functional Fitness. So, what does this refer to? Kevin Snodgrass, Head Trainer at Vivo, defines Functional Fitness as “the real …

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Balance & Strength Are Two Key Components for Quality of Life

30% of older adults, many who are quite fit, suffer accidental falls every year Balance Training engages neural connections that aid the complex skill of balance Vivo combines strength, balance, and mental acuity …

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Vivo Community Conversation

Last night’s Vivo Community Conversation on Balance Training with Dr. Chris Thompson left us with strong incentives to incorporate balance training exercises into daily life Here is a handout recapping the …

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Foam Rolling Can be a Part of Fall Prevention?

According to the CDC’s Injury Prevention and Control: tips on Fall Prevention improving one’s balance and strength is the number two factor in prevention after speaking truthfully to your doctor. And the Mayo Clinic’s research …

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Working Towards Stronger Backs and Hips

Here are a few ways to address back and hip pain  Develop that core (go to Vivo!). Stronger core muscles, flexibility and endurance all help to reduce long term back …

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Functional Movements of the Week:

The Chair Stand and Staggered Sit to Stand Chair stands are an essential and perhaps the most obvious functional movement. The ability to stand up to get out of bed …

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Functional Movement:

The Vivo program focuses on Functional Training. This means all our exercises are geared towards real-life movements that require multiple body parts to complete a task. We should be able to …

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Olympic Inspiration

Did You Know the Summer Olympics 2021 is introducing 5 new sports? Surfing, Karate, Baseball/Softball, Skateboarding, and Sport Climbing are the “new” sports competing in the Olympics that should be …

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Foam Rolling Benefits: From Muscle Relief to Better Blood Flow

According to Harvard Health Publishing, Foam rolling is a simple process of rolling major muscles over a thick cylinder of foam or semi-firm object. Doing this for 10 minutes before and/or …

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Science And Benefits Of Regular Exercise As We Age

Both the New York Times** and Time Magazine have written articles on the science and benefits of regular exercise as we age … no matter how old we are when we start! Many …

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