Everyone Needs A Vacation

While everyone needs a vacation… it only takes one week without exercise to start backsliding.  From The Business Insider: after one week without exercise “You’re already less fit. You’ve lost about 5% of your “VO2 max” which means less oxygen is available to generate energy for muscles”. After 2 weeks you will have lost 12% of your VO2max. So bring Vivo and your bands to the beach or grandkids’ home, even one session will help you prevent a backslide. 

Summertime usually means a trip to the mountains, lake, or the beach. Take Vivo with you!! We can keep you from falling completely off schedule by adjusting your number of workouts or times and days to meet your vacation vibes. (Don’t you think a workout = a margarita?). Please send an email to Kristin at CARE@TEAMVIVO.COM. She will set you up.

WHERE IS Vivo?! Take a picture of your location doing Vivo! Did you get creative? Were you on a deck or hotel room, the beach or watching the sunrise through the tree canopy? How did you complete your exercises (I used a jar of tomato sauce and a bottle of wine!)? We want to hear and see where you are…. The beauty of Vivo is it goes with you! Hint, hint… “Where is Vivo” competition coming in July! 

-Kristin Dean, Vivo Care Team