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About Vivo

Everyone in their second chapter: whether you’re returning to exercise after being away for a while or already involved in fitness activities but want to participate better. Our program is built on strength training, the critical building block for restoring and growing mobility, agility and independence.

Unlike most virtual fitness programs that leave you on your own to figure out a plan, work out with pre-taped videos and guesstimate your progress, we partner with you from the start. Our online live initial assessment will determine your skill level and set up a program. In our live-only, interactive small classes, our trainers explain every step (and our members cheer you on!). Ongoing live individual assessments follow your progress and help you update your plan and goals.

Our live classes are small so that you get individualized guidance from trainers who are experts at modifying moves; you’ll be safe while building strength. Don’t be shy! Of course, your doctor should determine whether a strength training plan is right for you and we recommend getting clearance before starting Vivo. And be sure to let the trainer know during your assessment.

It’s great that you’re active but you might’ve noticed that you’re not as strong or nimble as you used to be. That’s because everyone loses muscle as they age. To sustain and build other skills, your muscles must be sufficiently challenged, achievable through strength training. We’ve built a science-driven fitness program to supplement your other activities and keep you at peak performance.

Strength training actually makes you less likely to get injured since it improves your balance, mobility and confidence. Our trainers are expert at working with people 55+ and will help you identify exercises that are appropriately challenging but safe. It’s why we keep our live classes small: so our trainers can guide everyone.

We get it. And we’ve fixed it. Our classes are welcoming, non-judgmental and fun. They’re small enough for personalized attention but big enough to build a community who’ll be cheering you on – the best motivator!

That’s the biggest misconception. Unless you’re on a radical workout and extreme diet, you cannot get bulked-up from strength training, especially if you’re over 50. In fact, adding muscle mass means you’ll burn more calories at rest, so you might lose fat and get leaner.

Our member assessments are unique to Vivo and vital to your success. We’ve created a scientifically-backed, research-based evaluation of your abilities incorporating elements of the CDC STEADI Older Adult Fall Prevention initiative and the Senior Fitness Test. We’ll measure your strength, balance, mobility and agility. And we use a standardized protocol so that you can effectively track your progress every two months when we reassess.

Once you sign up, we do an online live, interactive assessment with one of our experts to understand your capabilities and goals. Every two months, we do another live, interactive assessment to measure your progress.

Once your new member appointment is scheduled, you’ll receive instructions in advance with the types of tests and measurements that’ll be done. One of the Vivo experts will lead you through the process, then discuss your capacities and goals. Once completed, you’ll receive a report showing results. And we do this every two months, so you see your progress and can reevaluate goals.


We offer three membership levels based on the number of strength training classes you take: one, two or three per week. Current rates are here. With every level of membership, you also have free access to all our additional community classes, offering a range of mind/body fitness. Want to work out with a partner, family member or friend? We also offer a “Stronger Together” special package for two people.

From time to time we offer promotions, discounts and member specials. To sign up for notifications contact

With at least 48 hours’ notice, you can put a monthly membership on hold for a minimum of three weeks. And of course, if you need to temporarily stop due to medical reasons, we encourage you to get your doctor’s approval before returning to classes.

We are unable to reimburse you for classes missed but we work with you to schedule make-up sessions from the extensive options on our schedule. Contact us as or 678-701-VIVO (8486) and we can make this happen.

Like most virtual fitness programs, we’re not yet covered by any insurance. But we’re working on it! Sign up here for updates.

All fitness members get a free consultation with our registered dietician. At this time, our additional individual and group nutrition services are separate fees.


Science and fitness experts advise that three times per week is ideal for increasing strength quickly, twice per week increases strength at a slower pace and once per week is for maintenance. You can choose any option and change frequency anytime during your membership. Our experts can help you decide based on your personal goals.

What sets Vivo apart from most programs is that new members have a live online initial assessment with one of our experts to determine your fitness level and specific abilities. You’ll then have live online assessments every two months to evaluate your progress. Fitness levels and particular movements are also included in individual class descriptions on the schedule.

We offer live-only, interactive classes Monday through Saturday. Check out a sample schedule. All classes are 45 minutes.

No – all Vivo classes are live and interactive with our trainers. That’s because fitness research has shown that taped classes don’t sufficiently motivate people. Also, having an expert trainer offer real-time guidance will help you stay safe while maximizing a workout.

Your membership’s strength training classes, or Core Classes, follow our science-based program focused on your mobility, balance and agility. Also included in your membership are a rotating number of mind/body Community Classes. These supplement your strength training workouts, are typically less-structured and range from nutrition education to yoga and mindfulness.

We’ll be introducing online self-service sign-up shortly. Until then, contact or 678-701-VIVO (8486).

Vivo is totally portable: You can participate in a class from anywhere you have internet access.
At least two hours before every class, your trainer will email you with a Zoom link to join that workout. You simply click on that link around five minutes prior to the class’s start. The trainer will let you into the class.
Most Vivo members access the class through their desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone. If you have a Smart TV and want the class to stream from it, contact for assistance.

Ideally, you need at least six feet of clear space around you and 10 feet distance from your online camera, so your trainer can see you from head to toes. If you’re in a smaller space, however, don’t worry: Our trainers will work with you during the session to optimally adjust your camera as needed.

Vivo strength training classes only require resistance bands, which we’ll send you in a New Member Welcome Kit along with a Vivo water bottle. You should wear comfortable rubber-sole shoes and also have a sturdy chair without wheels on hand. Some of our complementary mind/body classes might have a few other simple equipment needs, which are explained in schedule descriptions.

If you need to cancel, please contact our Care Team at  We will help you schedule a make-up class to fit your schedule.

Absolutely!  We can provide an email address and contact them for you.  And remember that trainers can always answer questions and modify exercises during the live classes themselves.

For questions about everything else including your membership, classes and equipment, contact us at