Foam Rolling Benefits: From Muscle Relief to Better Blood Flow

According to Harvard Health Publishing, Foam rolling is a simple process of rolling major muscles over a thick cylinder of foam or semi-firm object. Doing this for 10 minutes before and/or after activity has proven to help release muscle tension, relieve soreness, improve blood flow, as well as increase flexibility and range of motion. Foam rolling is also proven to increase flexibility for at least 10 minutes after the exercises.  

Foam rolling can and should be done daily for best results. This can be done even if you aren’t active, as muscles tighten even just sitting at a desk.  

Have you had hip or knee surgery? Openfit says foam rolling can help promote blood flow and break down scar tissue which helps recovery and healing. It will be uncomfortable to mild pain at first but should not be acute pain.  Ask your Physical Therapist for some foam rolling tips and if this could be beneficial in your recovery.   

Ready to try it out? Please join head trainer, Kevin Snodgrass this week on Wednesday at 4:30PM ET for a full class on foam rolling

-Kristin, Vivo Care Team