Functional Fitness. What is it?

In your Vivo classes, you will often hear the term Functional Fitness. So, what does this refer to? Kevin Snodgrass, Head Trainer at Vivo, defines Functional Fitness as “the real world, practical application of an exercise.” This means that the exercises you are doing in class involve movement that is replicated in your daily life activities.  

For example, doing squats in class will give you practice getting up from chairs and couches. Kevin emphasizes that all of the exercises in Vivo’s classes incorporate functional fitness. This means that all of these exercises are designed with the purpose of improving daily movement. The best part is, no matter what intensity level you are doing these exercises at, you’ll still be getting practice that will make doing everyday tasks easier. 


Kevin has a challenge for you: Start thinking about these movements you are doing in class and what the real world benefit of them is. 

For more and information and examples of Functional Fitness, watch Kevin’s video: What is functional fitness? 


– Mia Shaw, Vivo Content Editor




Kevin Snodgrass