Functional Movement:

The Vivo program focuses on Functional Training. This means all our exercises are geared towards real-life movements that require multiple body parts to complete a task. We should be able to perform all daily tasks with a stable center of gravity while using correct biomechanics. It is easy to slowly eliminate correct use of body mechanics as we age due to injury and pain. We must retrain our body to function properly and work effectively as a complete unit. 

The Push-Up 

Push-ups are a compound movement that engages the chest, back, triceps, shoulders, AND every major muscle group in the body! Keep Inspiring Me post “10 Massive Benefits of Push-ups” asserts that like all weight-bearing exercises you are burning calories, bumping up your cardiovascular system, mitigating osteoporosis, and improving the strength of important stabilizers for your body like the shoulders and rotator cuff. 

How does the push-up help us in daily life? Like the plank, it promotes good posture and overall strength and stability while walking, hiking, running and will provide back and core strength for swimming, golfing, tennis, and cheering at the grandkids’ soccer games! Bring on the push-up.

The Back Row

The back row and its many variations focuses on the mid to upper back muscles and biceps while also working the core and legs which stabilize us during the movement. Vivo trainer Kristin Vanderpool demonstrated the functional use of the back row for us in the kitchen (opening a refrigerator door, oven or microwave) in the video above. 

Did you know the back row is also important when weeding a GARDEN (those stubborn tree sprouts), pulling in a catch while FISHING (remember that tire you pulled in!), or pulling our curious and protective fur babies away from the taunting squirrel or the wonderful new neighbor. 

-Kristin Dean, Vivo Care Team