Functional Movement:

The Deadlift

Picking up your dog today or a grandchild, what about the groceries or assisting a friend or loved one with an injury to get up? All of these movements call upon the entire musculoskeletal system to balance and lift and/or pull. While the squat is the preferred way to pick up weight, it is not always possible or we just forget…. in comes the deadlift.

By training our bodies in the deadlift exercise in class, we address the whole body chain of muscles involving the hips, thighs, core, and back. When we then spontaneously reach to help someone or pick up something our body is now primed to adjust for this movement without over-straining our backs. Welcome the deadlift!

The Side Step

Why are we stepping side to side in warmups or with bands in class? Side step with bands is an exercise used by trainers and Physical Therapists to create hip stability, improve balance, agility, and spatial awareness. It engages the always used but frequently neglected hip abductor (gluteus medius) and external rotators. Developing these muscles has proven to help reduce lower back pain, IT band pain, and as far down the leg as planters fasciitis. So the next time you take a step to the right on the sidewalk or to the left in your kitchen to grab the olive oil for your pan, thank the side step for your stability! 

-Kristin Dean, Vivo Care Team