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Honoring our Olympic Athletes’ Courage: Listen to YOUR Mind and Body

Did You Know that according to the CDC, 20% of adults 55 and up experience depression, anxiety, and related disorders?  Here are some tips for dealing with mild depression: 

-Social Support: Talk to your doctor if you have more than 14 days a month of feeling depressed, anxious, overly stressed, or have problems with emotions. Don’t blame yourself for feeling down but DO talk to trusted friends about how you are feeling.

-Consistent Exercise: Almost every study on mental health found that regular to daily moderate exercise of 30 minutes (pat yourself on the back Team Vivo!) is a powerful mental health boost you can provide yourself. Numerous studies show benefits from exercises that get your blood pumping in major muscle groups. Those include running, swimming, cycling, and walking. Do the exercise for 15 to 30 minutes at least three times a week over a 10-week period or longer at low to moderate intensity.

-Proper Sleep: Focus on your sleep patterns to ensure enough sleep on a consistent sleep schedule.

-Structure Your Days: Schedule purposeful work and/or activities by continuing to work full or part time in your field and/or volunteering in areas that bring you joy. Some examples of purposeful work/volunteering from our own Vivo Team: gardening for the Ronald McDonald House, working at an animal refuge, writing a book, helping care for a friend, coordinating a travel club, providing pro bono legal, psychological, or nutritional help for others. BTW: one article suggested scheduling these activities in the morning to encourage better sleep/wake rhythms which also affects your mental health.

-Written by Kristin Dean, Vivo Care Team

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