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Vivo Nutrition Philosophy

Healthy Habits work. Diets do not. Vivo Nutrition provides knowledgable, compassionate support so you can feel confident in your food choices.


We believe that food restriction is an unhealthy and unneccesary path to wellness. 


Let us show you how to nourish your body without restriction and get results.

Vivo has designed an individualized nutrition program that is flexible and offers you the level of support that will help you reach your goals.

vivO NUTRITION Private sessions

Step 1

Free 15 Minute
Phone Consult

Let’s meet and learn a bit about each other. Discover if we are the right fit for your nutrition support needs. 

15 minutes FREE

Step 2

Initial Nutrition

This is an in depth discussion about you, your eating habits, relationship with food, and diet history. We will decide together what tools and support will best work for you.

60-75 minutes $125*

*This session is included if you join Vivo fitness

Step 3

Follow Up

These sessions provide education, accountability, and guidance for solid habit formation.


45 minutes $100*


*30% off for Vivo fitness members 


vivO NUTRITION Group sessions

Prediabetes and Diabetes
Group Class

  • Designed for adults 50 and older who are managing type 2 diabetes or prediabetes
  • 2 Strength Training workouts weekly
  • 12 Week program
  • 1 Diabetes focused, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist group nutrition education class weekly
  • Vivo members have reported improved blood glucose numbers
  • Meal planning and recipes
  • Learn, share, and get stronger with a welcoming community

Intuitive Eating
Group Class

$200 ($125 for current Vivo members)

This class is 8 weeks long and is run quarterly


Intuitive Eating isn’t a fad diet. It’s a method for improving your healthy habits and releasing the pressure of food rules and body weight to enjoy food and be healthier overall.  It’s a fascinating journey and we’d love to have you in our group.



*Join the waitlist for our February class


Vivo Nutrition Approach

Vivo provides expert nutrition coaching from Registered Dietitians using a weight-neutral approach.


We offer our clients the guidance and accountability to make sustainable changes to their eating habits without rigid restriction.

What is weight-neutral nutrition coaching?

This is simply a method to improve overall well-being by not only addressing what you eat, but also how you feel about your body. No weighing, no counting calories, and no more diets.


We have found that people who develop healthier eating habits without diets can improve important health measures like lower blood pressure, more consistent blood sugar, and better digestion.