Olympic Inspiration

Did You Know the Summer Olympics 2021 is introducing 5 new sports? Surfing, Karate, Baseball/Softball, Skateboarding, and Sport Climbing are the “new” sports competing in the Olympics that should be fun to watch- maybe they will even inspire you to try a new athletic activity! Club baseball and softball are popular for all ages, but perhaps you want something different? I found a few cardio activities with a twist that you can enjoy inter-generationally or with friends this summer. Look them up in your community or wherever your travels take you!

Pickleball is making a name in all age groups as a fast and fun alternative to tennis or racquetball. Played by 2 or 4 people with ping pong type paddles and a whiffle ball on a half-sized tennis court, this game is fast, fun, and great cardio for everyone!

Frisbee Golf can be found in many public parks that have the courses set up for play, or go online and learn how to set up your own course. At pre-set courses, you can bring your own frisbees or rent them at the park. Serious players actually have 3 sizes of frisbees for different distances.

Speed Golf is exactly what it sounds like. It is a fast version of golf that gives points for the number of swings in the fewest total minutes. Speed Golf is great for those participants with a lower patience tolerance and that prefer to wear running shoes! Check with the courses near you if they offer times for this style of play.

Yoga +SUP (Stand up Paddle) Boarding is largely an “on your own” activity, although a few resorts do offer a formalized session of it. Yoga on SUP Boarding is exactly that: While on a lake vacation, go out early on the lake with a paddleboard and challenge yourself to try the child’s pose and downward dog… a little water won’t hurt you!

And with your Fur Friend- UltimMutt: A 5k Obstacle Course! These fun courses are made for all ages to do with your dog for competition or just fun. The race is a great way to get out and train both you and your dog for a fun purpose! (BTW, if you and /or your dog cannot do an obstacle, the penalty is 30 squats- no problem for our Vivo team!). Check out this race in Greenville, SC this Fall!

-Written by Kristin Dean, Vivo Care Team