Planks and Functional Movement:

Did you know that planks are one of the most versatile exercises with the highest potential for gain that we can perform?   A plank executed correctly will engage the majority of the most important core muscle groups in our body.  Included in these muscles are the stabilizers for our glutes and back. According to an article on Planks published by HealthCorps, “The core muscle groups are responsible in some way for helping us carry ourselves through almost every action we’ll perform in a day, so making sure your core strength is in check is absolutely vital for someone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle.”

Incorporating planks into our weekly fitness regime can reduce back pain, improve our posture, flexibility, coordination, and metabolism!

Not only do planks have incredible benefits for all adults, but it is also the easiest exercise to adapt and to prevent injury while doing it.  Planks can safely be incorporated into any level workout on a daily basis.  Harvard Health Publishing: “The plank pose activates all the core muscles at once, and doesn’t require extra movements that can cause stress or injury.”  The article also says planks can safely be incorporated into any level workout on a daily basis.

The plank is considered a Functional Exercise.  What does it mimic really in daily life?  Were you standing as you pondered this fact? Have you walked recently? WebMD states that standing and walking are essentially an upright plank while moving!  No more groaning, let’s show our Vivo trainers how happy we are to add planks into our workouts!  

-Kristin Dean, Vivo Care Team