Red, White & Blue: First Aid for Life and Traveling

Do You Know First Aid? CPR? The Heimlich Maneuver for choking? You should!! As we begin to emerge from the COVID-19 Pandemic, resuming travel and favorite activities, we should be mindful of random accidents that can and will occur and be prepared to help ourselves or others. “In the US, unintentional injury is the third leading cause of death.” Many of these deaths are preventable by knowing emergency first aid basics and having an accessible first aid kit. USA Today ‘Could Your Hands Save a Life’. Our Vivo community is strong, vibrant, and invested in their health and others’. Keep that statement true by taking a refresher class through American Red Cross.

Knowing Basic First Aid includes having a Travel First Aid kit, one for your car and one in your luggage as you travel. These kits should always include a little extra of any important daily medications you take, multi-sized bandages, a large and small wrap for sprains, gauze, sterile cleanser, antibacterial ointment, allergy medication, acetaminophen, baby aspirin, Sterile latex gloves, and an emergency hot/cold pack. See Johns Hopkins Medicine for a more complete kit.

We all know that only adults should handle fireworks, outdoors, away from dry debris or structures, and checking that our pets are safely indoors. Did You Know that even sparklers are dangerous? The National Safety Council states: “Sparklers burn at about 2,000 degrees – hot enough to melt some metals. Sparklers can quickly ignite clothing, and children have received severe burns from dropping sparklers on their feet. According to the National Fire Protection Association, sparklers alone account for more than 25% of emergency room visits for fireworks injuries.” Should a burn occur, remember that red and slightly swollen is a 1st degree burn- treat with cool water at home; red and blistering is a second degree burn; white or blackened skin is 3rd degree- both 2nd and 3rd degree burns should be seen by a medical professional.

For more burn first aid:

-Kristin Dean, Vivo Care Team