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Safe Stretching

  • Chair Yoga is not just for the infirm, it is also for those of us needing movement while we perform our tasks indoors.  For example, while working on your computer your hips tend to get stiff,The Chair Pigeon pose can help. Bring your right ankle to rest on your left thigh, keeping the knee in line with your ankle as much as possible. Hold this Chair Pigeon Pose for three to five breaths. Repeat with the left leg. Pick up some additional moves on Friday at our free Chair Yoga clinic with Kathy Porter and our Back and Hips workshop on 3/24 with Rob Haddocks – Registration links above

  • Although Yoga is a great method of stretching and even finding some pain relief from mild to moderate arthritis, you do need to listen to the pain in your joints and be careful if you suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). For beginners to yoga or those with RA, Arthritis-Health suggests using slower moving yoga practices.

  • Vivo trainers frequently incorporate stretches from yoga like the cat cow, downward dog and child’s pose because they are wholistic stretches that are good for novices to experts.

– Kristin, Vivo Care Team 

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