Senior Trailblazers- Keep Going Team Vivo!

Do you need a little inspiration or a new goal? Check out what these amazing Seniors are doing right now: 

-Last week Wally Funk, female space trailblazer, became the oldest (and I think the coolest!) human in space at 82 years of age?  Wally started her efforts to be an astronaut in the 1960’s when women were not in the NASA program and she never gave up.

-Fifty-seven-year-old Phillip Dutton is Team USA’s oldest Olympian. Phillip is competing for the seventh time in the Tokyo Olympics in Equestrian events. No one is telling him he is too old to continue pursuing and perfecting his dream!

-Australian Olympic three time gold medalist, Equestrian athlete Andrew Hoy is 62-years-old and hoping for a 4th medal at the Tokyo Olympics. Meanwhile, teammate Australian Equestrian Olympian and grandmother of four, Mary Hannah is 66 years strong!

-If you are feeling inspired now to start a new competitive hobby or even to attempt the Olympics, check out these Olympic Sports with no or high age caps: Archery, Equestrian Events, Marathons, Rowing and Canoeing are a few that might interest you.

-Written by Kristin Dean, Vivo Care Team