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Stability, strength, and posture:

The natural loss of stability and fear of falling as we age can begin a dangerous and self-fulfilling cycle that actually leads to instability. Fear of falling leads to reduced or eliminated activities, which results in less overall exercise, causing weakened muscles and core — our natural stability system. Keep the FEAR OF FALLING at a respectful level by empowering your mind and body with balance exercises. Simple heal to toe walking exercises and toe raises in sets of 20 are two suggested daily balance exercises from Healthline Magazine. 

According to MUSC Health by the University of South Carolina, posture changes are a normal part of aging that can be largely ameliorated. Two top factors for prevention are exercise and a healthy diet!“Exercise is by far the most important factor in maintaining a younger posture because it improves the bone and muscle function that are essential in improving musculoskeletal health.” Summary: Don’t skip your Vivo workouts, add a couple of walks or hikes this week and make the Vivo recipe of the week! 

Do a posture check! This may be the easiest and the hardest suggestion to help: Check your posture while working. The Mayo Clinic suggests you do a “wall test” to see how your posture measures up. Then daily, you should check your posture every 30 minutes by standing and stretching, then sitting and checking that your back is straight with your core supporting you NOT the chair back or your arms on the desk. Set an alarm for every 30-45minutes for a week. You will notice a difference!

-Kristin Dean, Vivo Care Team