Strengthen the body and mind with Eric Levitan​

Psychology of Aging

Exercise is essential for healthy aging. Having a consistent exercise routine helps to reduce risk of mental health conditions, improves cognitive function, and helps our bodies to function optimally.

Knowing the “right” exercise for older adults is key. In today’s episode, I interview Eric Levitan, founder and CEO of Vivo, a digital fitness company focused on strength training for older adults. And Surprise! Also joining us in today’s interview is Eric’s 79 year old dad, Michael Levitan, who’s a college professor and has been exercising with Vivo for the past several months, and noticing remarkable changes.

I want to share that I have no affiliation with Vivo. I don’t get any financial incentive by sharing their program with you. So why am I using my podcast to talk about Vivo? As you know, older adults and caregivers are the hardest hit by COVID. Older adults have been locked down and scared, while caregivers have been overworked and overwhelmed.

Sharing programs like Vivo gives me comfort in knowing that there are safe and health based resources out there to help older adults and caregivers weather the storm of COVID and become stronger and healthier while doing it. And that’s what this podcast and my resources are all about- making sure you have the resources you need to make it through some of the hardest times in life.

Here’s a peak inside the episode:

[04:02] Eric Levitan shares his inspiration for creating an exercise program for older adults.
[09:09] We often hear of the importance of aerobic exercise, but strength-based exercise may prove more beneficial than aerobic exercise alone, Eric describes the benefits of strength-based exercise for older adults.
[13:01] Don’t just take Eric’s word for it. 79 year old, Michael Levitan shares his personal experience (and benefits) of strength-based exercise.
[20:14] With COVID-19 keeping many families physically separated, Eric and Michael talk about the heart-warming gifts of exercising together in two different cities.
[29:02] Vivo designs exercise programs with older adults in mind, including “dual-task” exercises, which help improve cognition.
[32:09] Do you know an older adult thinking about starting an exercise program? Don’t miss Eric’s recommendations.
[40:09] With exercise programs happening online, you may wonder how older adults are adjusting to using the internet and the computer for exercise (I know I was curious about this!). Learn what Vivo is doing to make sure older adults are set up for safety… and success.