Summer Fun Gadget Rundown

There are a lot of cool gadgets out now to make our fun (and not so fun) activities safer and easier. This week I was intrigued by a cool Facebook review posted by one of our new Vivo members.  The post was about an SOS alert beacon he uses while hiking. I decided to look it up and a few others…

Getting Down with Gardening
I hope your garden is more prolific than my 5 puny tomatoes so far… perhaps if I weeded? Bad knees or hips don’t immediately mean raised bed gardening only! To help with the chore of weeding in ground gardens, Vertex created an adjustable, twisting, rocking stool to sit on while working. Looks like it could even make weeding fun!

A Lifeline Tool at Home or on the Road
Off for a hike on a new trail or area? Cell coverage is not consistent or even existent in more remote areas. Are you working alone at home on a ladder or precarious position? Don’t worry (or let others worry), SKYALERT SOS created an SOS Fob satellite beacon for detecting falls and connecting you with emergency services that works anywhere or during any task you wish to explore.

Vivo on the Road
Using Vivo in a smaller home or vacation property but struggling with frozen screens? Have you tried updating your router in the last year to 18months? IF not, this Archer A8 model might help you out. It is sold by Amazon at a reasonable price with great reviews and is not difficult to install. (Do check your home’s square footage vs the limits of any router purchase).

Hands Free Poker
Don’t let sore, cramping or arthritic hands keep you from a fabulous brain and social activity! Did you know there is a curved card rack that will hold your POKER or BRIDGE cards (perhaps it would free your hands for an extra martini?). Sold on Amazon for $10… 

-Kristin Dean, Vivo Care Team