“I am able to get up off the floor and I don’t need to grab anything for assistance. I’m so much more active. I can ride bikes with my grandkids. I would not be able to do that without Vivo.”
Pat B.
Pat B.Age 74
“I used to get up 2 to 3 times a night. Now, I sleep through the night! If I had to go to a gym to do an exercise program, I wouldn’t do it.”​
Debbie S.
Debbie S.Age 68
“I’m stronger and am able to lift things above my head. I feel energized.“
Mike M.
Mike M. Age 65
“The entire team is amazing! Best program I’ve been involved with!“
Debby P.
Debby P.Age 57
“I am 63 year old woman who NEVER exercised before on a regular basis. Vivo classes are always fun, engaging, and sometimes challenging, but at the end of the day I feel GREAT to have participated in Vivo. Thanks for making me a better version of me!”
Robin C.
Robin C.Age 63
“I always feel like I’m with friends when I join the classes.”
Kay H.
Kay H.Age 71
” I am stronger in every way. It has improved my quality of life. I love the accountability.”
John S.
John S.Age 76

Hear Vivo member, Tom Berger, talk about his experience and how Vivo has impacted his life.

“My flexibility has increased significantly. Right shoulder has increased in range of motion. Balance has improved significantly. I have no hesitation of going up the stairs.”

Tom Berger
Age 75