Volunteering can increase your happiness, support cognition, and improve the community!

 Did you know that among many other publications, The Greater Good reports adults who volunteer report higher life satisfaction and better physical health? Most studies agree: Active-ager volunteers improve their general mental and physical well being, improve cognition by mental stimulation, and give back critical services needed by the community.

Are you wondering where and how to volunteer? Do you speak foreign languages, love to travel? Did You Know the Peace Corps has groups serving communities of all ages? Or check out ShelterBox USA if you have a passion for disaster relief, or have first responder/emergency services background. But you don’t have to travel to serve- check out your local YMCA or JCC, museums, parks services, Veterans hospitals, women’s and homeless shelters, animal sanctuaries, or Senior Living Centers- all could use your talents and time! (PS- be open to learning something new, it will help your brain!)

Interested in volunteering virtually? Check out Virtual Volunteering Opportunities for ways to give back to others and benefit yourself from home! Some of the suggestions are as simple as reading over Zoom to young children, allowing their parents to work for 30 minutes, teaching a remote class on gardening/potting basics, or helping others work through their taxes.

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-Written by Kristin Dean, Vivo Care Team