What Is Vivo?

What Is VIVO?

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Age-related loss of muscle mass leads to a host of adverse clinical outcomes including falls, osteoporosis, type II diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.  For many older adults, it brings an end to their independence and previous quality of life.
Enter VIVO: A scientifically designed fitness program for adults over 55. From the comfort of their own homes, VIVO clients participate in an integrative program that includes balance and resistance exercises, stretching, and cognitive training in a safe, engaging way.
Through small-group virtual training taught by live, certified instructors, VIVO's exercises are individualized for every participant. No matter what your current fitness level, VIVO can strengthen your body and mind so you can get back doing all those things you love.  Garden, hike, golf, or just play with your grandkids...VIVO is the answer you've been looking for.

How It Works

Individual Assessment

Trainers will work with you to assess your current fitness and baseline your capabilities to tailor your routine and track your progress.

Set Goals

We spend time with you to learn about your individual situation. Your goals, your limitations, your history, and the results you seek.

Live Training

Under the guidance of a certified live trainer, you will participate in virtual, interactive, and fun classes with a small group.

Live Your Best Life

As you progress, you'll dramatically improve strength, balance and confidence to live a fuller and more rewarding life.


VIVO's Six Core Pillars

"I'm Not Sure Strength Training Is For Me..."

We Hear It Every Day
The concept of strength training can be intimidating, no matter what your age. No fear - VIVO's Certified Instructors can train you even if you have never worked out before. We meet you at YOUR ability but you won't believe how fast you start to level up!

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