What is Vivo?

The Science of Building Strength

We all lose muscle and strength as we age; it’s a natural part of the aging process. Fortunately, science has proven that strength training can help us rebuild muscle at any age or fitness level and allow you to regain strength and maintain the quality of life that you want to live. But knowing how to do this safely and effectively can be a challenge.

At Vivo, we understand how to build and maintain strength as we age.

Our pioneering fitness program is based on the Science of Strength Training and consists of small-group, interactive Zoom™ classes taught by live instructors. 

Get a full-body workout in a fun and welcoming virtual environment, never repeating the same class twice. Talk in real-time with your trainer. And track your progress from your initial assessment all the way to achieving your ultimate fitness goals.

"The real-time, live and interactive classes are most important to me.  I get immediate feedback from my trainer regarding my form with each exercise. I very much value that relationship."

Live, Interactive Zoom™ Classes

Unlike other virtual streaming workout options, Vivo classes are taught LIVE by instructors over Zoom™.  Class sizes are capped at 8 participants which allows the instructor to directly interact with each person.  Classes are convenient and portable – join anywhere you have internet access.
Each class is different and targeted toward a full body workout to improve your strength, mobility, and balance.  Classes are also FUN and your regular virtual classmates will soon become your good friends as you cheer each other on in a supportive community.

Customized To Your Ability

Unlike other ‘one-size-fits-all’ virtual workouts, Vivo is customized to each person’s ability and goals. We meet you at your level.
Every Vivo exercise has up to 4 variations which can be adapted to any fitness level from the very active to those with limited mobility. We also adjust the program to address any existing injuries or pain limitations you might have.
During the class, your Vivo trainer will closely monitor your technique and progress to make sure that you are performing the exercises safely and achieving maximum results.

"Vivo’s trainers do see all!  A big question when I signed on was:  Would trainers really interact with helpful feedback?  In a class, my trainer sees me as much as my 1-on-1 trainer pre-Covid."

Regular Progress Tracking

There’s an old saying that goes “If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”  We live by these words and have built regular progress assessments into the Vivo program.

When you start, you’ll meet one-on-one with a Vivo trainer who will measure your fitness on various scales such as Strength, Balance, Mobility, and Agility. Then, starting at 8 weeks, we regularly track you on those same metrics so you can see your progress and identify any areas needing extra attention.  

These regular assessment reports will help keep you on track to reach your goals of living a happier and more active life.

Expert Personal Trainers Who Understand Aging

Each of our instructors is specifically trained in the Vivo program and has experience working with older adults.  They recognize the injuries and limitations that can come with age and they understand how to make the workouts safe and effective, rather than just focusing on how many repetitions you did.
Our trainers are also real people from a variety of backgrounds. Many of them have a few gray hairs of their own. But the one common thread is that they have a passion for helping out folks like you get stronger and enjoy life more.

"One unique thing about Vivo is that our trainers are the same demographic of people we’re coaching.  They’ve lived the same experience so have built-in understanding and empathy for what we’re doing. "

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How Vivo Works

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Set Your Goals

Meet with a Vivo expert to assess your fitness, set your goals, and customize a training schedule.

Work Out

Join one, two, or three weekly interactive Zoom™ classes with your regular certified Vivo trainer.

Track Progress

Every two months, meet one-on-one with a Vivo expert to track your progress and set new goals.

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Be your best self with a fitness program built on science, taught by expert trainers and enjoyed in a live, online, interactive and fun small-group setting.