Yoga Is More Than Just A Great Stretch…

We have posted some of the benefits of yoga in the past, but did you know that in addition to helping balance and relieve joint pain, practicing Yoga 2x a week has proven to boost cognitive performance? CNBC reported in late 2019 that 11 studies “found that yoga appears to have a positive effect on key areas areas ‘responsible for memory and information processing, as well as emotional regulation,’ Neha Gothe, study author and director of the exercise psychology lab at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign”. Here is how you could lead the next Vivo Dual task!!

Aside from improving the brain’s function, John Hopkins Medicine considers Yoga a “first-line treatment for chronic low back pain” by the American College of Physicians. And they also claim yoga is a winner for helping to improve sleep quality!

Not convinced that yoga is beneficial? Did you know that the US Army recently tested yoga on 1800 troops completing basic training? The results were recorded this February in the Stars and Stripes and they “suggest improved endurance on ruck marches and obstacle courses, reduced pain during recovery periods and better management of stress and homesickness”. Not only is the military finding the benefits of yoga, but many professional athletes also incorporate yoga regularly. The NFL Seattle Seahawks and the NBA Los Angeles Clippers also require their teams to practice daily yoga. Many other athletes are using Yoga to extend their careers: Aaron Rogers (NFL), Lionel Messi (Soccer), Evan Longoria(NLB), Novak Djokovic (tennis), and LeBron James (NBA) are just a few. So let’s get even more out of Vivo by attending a yoga session soon!

-Kristin Dean, Vivo Care Team